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The Baltimore Paparazzi

Monday, October 24, 2016

Bodymore Big Steve - I Do This **** In My Sleep

Bodymore Big Steve - I Do This **** In My Sleep

So a few days ago I received a link.  Big Steve of Bodymore Records had sent me this project to listen to and review.  And I have been listening to it every day.

I have known Big Steve for years and I have watched him grow as an artist. This project is a mixture of beats and well stories. Big Steve goes over industry beats and makes them his own. He doesn't try to do what the original artist did and doesn't talk about the same things.

The very first track is a collection of what is called Classic Shit and it truly it.  Parts of verses from some of the best songs the Big Steve has had over the past few years.

The tracks on this project are such a great mixture.  The songs that are really personal and about love and his girls....he has 3 of the most beautiful little girls.....are the ones that I really feel to my soul.  His pain of loving and losing is like him opening up himself and it is therapy for him and the listener.

He even as a track called Spoken Word that is dedicated to his daughter Mira.  Something really different for an artist to put on a mixtape.  Almost brought me to tears the first time I heard it and even the 5th time I listened to it.

Big Steve has Lil Black from 92Q hosting the mixtape.

He even sings a little on the songs with the help of autotune.

I love seeing the growth in this young man over the years.  This project really shows the versatility of Big Steve as an artist and the growth as a man and father.  

He will be dropping this at midnight tonight online and delivering hard copies tomorrow for FREE.  According to his post he made this morning.

Grab this project as soon as it comes out.  You will be playing this from beginning to end and then repeat.

Bodymore Big Steve Facebook Page

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